Monday, August 16, 2010

Kitten Call

Three lil' kittens who have all their mittens are ready to come home and play! Also to be your amazing best friend. I hand raised, bottle fed these angels since they were 2-3 days-old! This was my first experience and I'm telling you I cannot wait to do it again. Such a loving, precious team-ship! They belong to Petmania, a pet shop but I am keeping them until they find homes.
Note: Cassie & Yoda are very similar as you'll see in the photos!

1- Mama Cassie (as she was a chubby baby) and now Miss Cassidy - Black. She is so sweet. Loves to give you (and my older cat, Marmaladee) kneading massages. She's good! She may have some Siamese or some Egyptian-type-ness in her. Ears and wedge-like face tells all. Very affectionate.

2- Yoda - Black. Oh my. He is so handsome. He definitely has Siamese, Egyptian-royalty in him. His ears, legs, & tail are so long and he has a gorgeous wedge-shaped head. He's "owned" me, so to speak. He loves to be near you and lies on you when he can.

3- Flash - Black with a smudge of white on his back, hence "Flash." A cutie, full of beans. He's not as "Siamese" lookin' but has such a boyish figure. Very affectionate.

For adoption in Southern California only please.

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